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Before finishing 2012, with new challenges and renewed hopes, I leave you an article about instrumentation : < / a>. This is one of the projects in which I have participated this year and I am proud of it.

One of the biggest challenges facing qualification and testing departments is to demonstrate that performed calculations are reliable, since prototyping and implementation of trials, it is not always feasible , either by installments or economic problems.

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In this case , a calculation model for estimating voltages ( * ) held in a moving walkway and by a strain gauge measurement system, the actual voltage on a prototype were measured . Thanks to this, it was possible to define a relationship between theory and reality, so that the mathematical calculations were validated. With this, you can now fairly accurately predict the stresses to be taken moving walkway when the product is in the design phase.

This is useful for the design of the hall and to the implementation aswell, but also to have developed this system as it is extremely useful for preventive and predictive maintenance the same as having a history of measures to detect if the operation is suffering some degradation and anticipate unwanted wear and tear.

(* ) This is important because these tensions are those that can, for example, have an inappropriate distribution of loads generating premature wear of some element.

Melina López Suárez